Cui Ma Po Equestrian Center in Ireland

Cui Ma Po equestrian center is located in the beautiful west coast of Ireland, designed to provide customized horseback tours to horse lovers of all ages. Dingle Peninsula in the famous tourist resort, horseback stroll to the top of the hill, facing the magnificent Atlantic Ocean , to experience authentic horse island.

Cui Ma Po equestrian center is Ireland Association certified equestrian riding club, the transportation is very convenient. 2 hour drive to Da Keke and Shannon International Airport, 20 minutes by car Chengzhi Kai Lee International Airport, easily between European cities including London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt .

Equestrian Center docile Irish warm blood and pony riding for kids, protect wild ride tour of security. Experienced instructors and coaches wild ride with a British rider Association (BHS) awarded the certification, you can ride different levels of counseling lovers. According to the travel time, the flexibility to customize the equestrian center on the 1st, the 2nd or the 7th Coast horseback riding tour.

Cui Ma Po equestrian center has a cozy apartment to accommodate 10-12 people, providing 1-3 weeks relaxing holiday experience equestrian activities for children. Accommodation at the racecourse, and with entertaining teaching methods, learning basic horsemanship in labor 

Experience the perfect happy horse farm life.