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Horse Transport Service

We offer regular trips to the UK and our 9 stall horsebox is operated and driven by horse people with more than 20 years experience of international horse shipping. Being owner operated we are in a position to offer a more personalised service than the majority of the mainstream transport companies.

We are a certified transport company operating in the very southwest of Ireland. This geographical location enables us to pick up from a wide variety of locations in Ireland on our way to the ferry port ensuring your horse is not stabled for days whilst the horsebox is being "filled up". 

Our horsebox;

  • is Type 2 authorised for all European travel by Irelands Department of Agriculture (DEFRA equivalent),
  • is temperature controlled - c/w fans,
  • has air suspension for ease of travel and low loading ramp angle,
  • has full height partitions with head boards,
  • is equipped with full CCTV coverage.

Our horsebox is stalled for only 9 horses ensuring we can deliver your horse promptly as we have fewer "drops" to make. The knock-on effect of this is we are in a position to advise on a more precise delivery time which our regular customers really appreciate.

We take toll roads wherever possible and provide hay or haylage depending on your horses requirements. Tail bandages and travel boots are also offered.

Our horsebox also has fully legal seating for 4 grooms which makes it the ideal choice for sales deliveries.

To contact me you can either;

  • e-mail me,
  • phone/text,WhatsApp me from the UK on 07784127020,
  • or from Ireland 089 960 3205,
  • or visit my FB page.

Please CLICK HERE for full Terms & Conditions.

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